Mentor & Mentee Workshops

A good organizational mentoring program will help you to attract and retain talent, develop and diversify your leadership pipeline, and sharpen your competitive edge.

Our Mentor and Mentee Workshops develop your leaders to be good mentors and your employees to be good mentees.

Mentor Workshop (One Day)


  • To feel confident and enthusiastic about taking on a formal mentoring role
  • To understand your role and responsibilities in being a good mentor
  • To have the tools to get the mentoring relationship off to a good start
  • To practice some of the behavioural skills needed to be a good mentor

Mentee Workshop (Half-Day)


  • To understand the mentoring process and how to get the best from it
  • To understand your role and how to build a mentoring relationship
  • To be clear what you want from your mentor
  • To have the tools to prepare for and drive the process

We work with your established mentor program or we can help you implement a new one.

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