Work/Life Integration

We do not have a personal life and a professional life – we have a life. The more we view our lives holistically, the more chance we have of becoming successful and happy. The more we focus solely on our profession to the exclusion of all else, the poorer we become in terms of a rich and fulfilling life.

A nice idea I hear you thinking. But how do we make it happen in a world where organizations are demanding so much of us; in a world where, to take our foot off the gas could be professional suicide?

Many of us, it seems, have learnt to plan our work, but not our lives. Ask yourself, do I:

  • Compartmentalize my life or do I look at it holistically?
  • Understand my most important values and align my behavior with them?
  • Understand the difference between choice and obligation and how these play out in my life?
  • Think through, make decisions and take action on what I want to create in my life, both professionally and personally?
  • Use strategic and tactical decision-making to achieve what I want?
  • Step back and look at how I organize my life on a day-to-day basis?
  • Prioritize well?
  • Delegate where possible and elicit the support of others?
  • Manage my personal stress and look after my health?

Coaching for work/life integration is not a luxury, but rather a necessity if you are to be healthy and create the life that you really want. It is possible for you to be less stressed, more effective and more fulfilled.

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