Strategic Thinking - Strategic Execution

To be successful in today’s fast moving and rapidly changing business environment you need to be able to think and execute strategically. You need to understand the forces in play in your organization and direct your focus where it will have the most impact. 

In your business you must react to many demands that are generally task-oriented and tactical. In this context you need the ability to align your tactical actions to support the business strategy in the most effective way. You need to be able to pull up and see the strategic context for what you are doing. It requires an ability to understand the dynamics of the business as distinct from the management of the business.

The strategic horizon of your business is different from the tactical horizon and different again from the quarterly, weekly and daily horizons of getting things done; and yet they must all be aligned. It is imperative that you see the big picture and have it inform day -to -day decisions. If you don’t, actions that seem sensible in the short term could derail you and the business long term. Decisions that are made in the context of a deep understanding of the business strategy have a much higher chance of success. 

Ask yourself:

  • To what extent am I able to think and make decisions strategically?
  • How well do I understand the underlying dynamics of my business?
  • Does my business strategy make sense and is it workable?
  • How well do I implement it?
  • Do I have the people that I need?
  • Do they understand the strategy and how their actions support it?

Strategic thinking and strategic execution are skills that you must develop. They are essential rather than a ‘nice to have’ if you are to be even more successful in your current role and progress in your career.

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