Positive Influence

One of the top two reasons given by people resigning from their job is their relationship with their boss. The biggest moan people have when they come home from work is usually about their uncooperative/difficult/stupid (choose your own adjective) colleagues who are preventing them getting their job done. Does any of this sound familiar?

Organizations are relatively simple systems. What makes them complex is that they are also intricate webs of human relationships. We need to be able to work well with our boss, our colleagues and our subordinates to accomplish the results we want. This is not an option, but rather a basic requirement

Influencing skills are about working successfully with others. They are a range of behaviors that you can utilise to get the job done and at the same time build or maintain good relationships. Sometimes it’s easier to get the job done by walking all over others, but this destroys relationships for the next time. Sometimes it’s easier to give way to other’s demands and maintain the relationship, but you don’t achieve the outcomes you want. So how do you achieve the results you want and build positive relationships? How do you gain others commitment when compliance isn’t enough? How do you influence others in a positive, non-manipulative way, particularly if they are being less than cooperative or difficult?

Broadening and developing your range of influencing skills will help you:

  • Build trust.
  • Be persuasive without boring people.
  • Bring people together around a common vision.
  • Be assertive without being aggressive.
  • Learn to listen without being perceived as passive.
  • Manage conflict to achieve positive outcomes.
  • Get things done with difficult people.
  • Be clear about your desired outcomes when influencing others.
  • Know when to be strategic and when to be tactical in your influence attempts.
  • Understand the difference between compliance and commitment and have the skill to achieve both.
  • Give helpful feedback.
  • Match your impact with your intention
  • Build good, long-lasting working relationships.

Developing your influencing skills can be achieved through one-to-one executive coaching.