Business Relationship Coaching

Good working relationships contribute enormously to the success of teams and organizations. Poor working relationships block progress, slow things down and sabotage change. Dysfunctional relationships between senior executives also adversely affect the culture of the whole organization.

We don’t have to like each other to work together, but we do need to interact in a professional manner.  Relationship issues are difficult to resolve at the best of times. In business they can be even more challenging because of the environment and the impact on so many other people. Unfortunately, avoiding the issue rarely makes it go away. What do you do?

Business relationship coaching is a facilitated process that helps the individuals involved to sort out their difficult relationship.  This is not formal conflict resolution but a tried and tested process of having two people hear and understand each other, think through the issues and agree a professional working relationship.   The desired outcome is a functional relationship that enables high performance, both from the individuals themselves and the teams they work in.

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