Diagnostic Consulting

The motivation for individual, team and organizational change is usually to improve performance and results. Often assumptions are made about what needs to change and how to do it simply by the nature of the problem. For example, an organization wants its managers to behave more collaboratively; solution – provide training and coaching to managers on how to work collaboratively together. What’s missing in this situation is any real understanding of the underlying causes of the current lack of collaborative behavior. This lack of understanding typically costs organizations many thousands of dollars in wasted time and money.

The situation above is an actual example of a company that did waste time and money on the wrong intervention because the underlying causes of the problem were never properly diagnosed. If they had been they would have discovered that their highly competitive reward system was a strong contributor to the lack of collaboration between managers that no amount of training and coaching would fix.

In any individual, team or organizational change there are underlying forces in play, some obvious and some hidden, that drive behavior. If these forces are not recognized and worked with, any change initiative will either fail or not be sustained.

At HARRIS we are experts in diagnosing what’s going on beneath the surface of individual, team and organizational behavior. Our approach and methodology, based on structural dynamics, enables you to get an objective, accurate and insightful view of the real causes of the challenges you are facing. It also results in you making interventions that go straight to the root causes of the problem and bring about the sustainable change you are looking for.

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