Client Comments

For: Lynn Harris | Jeff Arnold

Jeff Arnold

I have worked with Jeff in two capacities: one where he and I have jointly led strategy development retreats with senior management teams, and another where Jeff acted as my personal coach helping me work through a range of personal and professional issues. Jeff's ability to both help clients address key business issues and to gain insight into their personal reality and aspirations makes him uniquely qualified to assist executives as they face critical junctions in their lives. Jeff follows a structured approach in working with clients, is open and unbiased, has good judgment and insight, and is a person of the highest integrity. I recommend him highly.

Bill Brandt, Chairman
American Woodmark Corporation

Jeff works well as a group facilitator because he solicits input and works to achieve consensus. He understands the politics of agreement and that people come to group meetings with baggage. He tries to do pre-work with key people before a meeting to avoid land mines and get a sense of how to deal best with each of the personalities that will be in a meeting. The end product Jeff helped to create was owned by the team and they took it to Head Office to show it off.

On a personal basis Jeff has helped me sort out the logic and illogic of my thoughts and premises. He does it in such a way that I don’t feel I’m being lectured to or “taught”, rather it is a guided tour and Jeff is showing me a path, which I adopt as my own.

Dealing with Jeff is like dealing with a trusted friend and confidant. He takes a holistic approach to people and problems and doesn’t have any preconceived notions of the “solution”. He makes you feel like you and he are fellow travelers in pursuit of a worthy goal and that he’s there as much to learn for himself as he is to help you; together we are on a route to disco.

Gary Forget, VP Strategy

Quebecor Printing Canada

My coaching experience with Jeff has been very positive.  His approach is constructive.  He has great listening skills and can be challenging when appropriate.  His calm and professionalism approach convey trust.  He brings strategic and tactical input for problem solving and decision making process.

Edith Filion, CA, Sr. Director, Finance,

Fido Solutions Inc.

Jeff Arnold possesses a unique and innate ability to coach and consult, by cutting through the emotional and prejudicial clutter, in order to provide the clarity required to shepherd you through the process of change.

Rarely have I had the pleasure to work with someone who so readily grasps specific personal and professional situations, and then proceeds to maintain a disciplined focus on the end result – that being our personal ability to genuinely recognize ingrained attitudes and beliefs, and react objectively, and with confidence.

I would strongly recommend Jeff Arnold to those individuals seeking clarity, objectivity and self-renewal in all levels of their personal and professional life.

Bruce McCallan, VP Sales,
Transcontinental Media


Jeff Arnold brings a direct and caring approach with his insightful and penetrating coaching questions. Then he really listens. Not a word is lost on Jeff. He picks up on the subtle clues of what is said and not said - which I don't always appreciate at the time - but make a huge difference in getting to the heart of the issue!

Alex Wray, President

Facilitation Training Inc.

Jeff is a pleasure to work with. His quiet, inquiring approach helped me quickly design an effective strategy for a large corporate restructuring project. Through his coaching and guidance we were able to read what was really going on (which was not the official line) define realistic goals and a plan that my team delivered where none of the others could.  Through his assistance we were able to complete our project on time, within budget and with an extremely high success rate. With his help I also saw the writing on the wall for my own career and was able to make the transition from big corporate to my own successful outplacement company. I would recommend his services to anyone.

Howie Wright, President

Future Career Directions

Jeff is a great coach. His thoughtful insight is always on target and over
the years has supported me in creating a life and career organised around everything that matters to me. Powerful.

Deborah Hinton, Partner
Hinton – Strategic Dialogue


From: Confusion to clarity. Stuck to actionable insight. In transition to making the hard choices. Conflict to Resolution. Stress to Balance. Many opinions to the right answers. Jeff Arnold to Your brain and soul Go see Jeff.

Steven Feinberg, PhD
Dimensional Strategist


Jeff has worked with me as a coach for several years, on matters personal and professional. I have consulted with him extensively on personal and relationship issues. Every single session has been quite valuable, helping me uncover hidden biases, beliefs and assumptions that frequently got in my way or lead to conflict. The result of this work has been a level of clarity and understanding of reality that has really enhanced my life considerably.

Jeff has also worked with me on professional and career decisions. A couple of years ago, I was struggling to decide between pursuing two quite different career choices, attempting to do them both, and doing well at neither. Very quickly, Jeff helped me identify clearly what I loved to do more, and how to be more successful at it. As a result of this clarity, I have pursued my consulting business with passion and renewed enthusiasm. The result is a very busy, lucrative and growing consulting practice that I thoroughly enjoy.

Jeff works very quickly and efficiently. I recommend Jeff very highly as a skilled coach, facilitator and consultant.

Kumar Dandavati