Client Comments

For: Lynn Harris | Jeff Arnold

Lynn Harris

I spent a number of years working with Lynn Harris both as a colleague, but also as someone I would often turn to for coaching on both personal and professional issues. The most outstanding sense of her as a coach and facilitator is her ability to see things with a fresh perspective, her honesty and her forthrightness. She has a way of asking questions which is both challenging and easy to hear. She not only has a great intuitive sense of how to work with individuals and groups to help them move forward, she is also an avid learner and is constantly integrating her learning into the ways she works and offering that learning, with relevance, to those she works with. I can honestly say she is one of the most skilful and courageous facilitators/coaches I have worked with.

Anita Harris, Partner
Sheppard Moscow Ltd.

Lynn was an invaluable adviser and coach to me for over five years. She supported me in a wide range of personal development matters as my executive coach and also facilitated a number of very successful team development events for myself and my direct reports. She is a very personable and intelligent individual, and is very highly regarded by everyone I know who has worked with her. She is completely brilliant at getting to grips with problems and issues quickly, and brings her own extensive experience to bear when relevant. She is both challenging and supportive in the way she helps you understand the reality of a situation (either professional or personal) and then decide what to do about it and how. I benefited hugely from working with Lynn and value her support and judgment highly.... I can recommend her unreservedly.

Debbie Gorski, Senior Vice-President
Barclays Bank

Lynn was my 'mentor' for almost two years. During this time she provided a powerful blend of support, encouragement and development.At one point in my career I had a major drop in confidence, to the point that I considered leaving my job. Lynn coached me through this. Her style is challenging and supportive being completely non-judgmental. I trusted her completely and this created a ‘safe place’ where I could explore the issues. Lynn recommended some steps that enabled me to address those issues. Her pragmatism was just what I needed at that time. I moved on from strength to strength (even got a financial reward in recognition of the improvements I made!) and fully engaged with the business.

The second significant time for me came about three years later at the point when I felt frustrated that I had not influenced the business to make me a Partner. I had one two-hour coaching session with Lynn with follow-up coaching via a succession of emails. This coaching session was probably the most powerful piece of personal development I have had. Primarily for the special style of challenge Lynn uses. This stretched my thinking and raised my awareness to the one block that was holding me back. Having identified the issue, I subsequently lost sight of what I wanted from the business or indeed whether I wanted to stay. Lynn coached me through this via email. Her challenge enabled me to see the wood from the trees and decide what I wanted. Again, I took steps to address this, and was rewarded by becoming a Partner!

Vanessa Williams, Partner
Sheppard Moscow Ltd.

Perhaps the biggest testament I can give to Lynn is that she is the first person I think of calling to talk through a decision or problem. She has coached me through enormous personal change over the last few years - including moving from our Irish business to London, establishing a new professional and personal life in a new country, supporting me through divorce and bereavement, and helping me to identify the way forward for myself professionally and personally. Lynn offered me support through the tough times and challenge when I was "lying back" or slipping into passivity - above all she helped me laugh and find the funniness in situations - even the saddest/hardest ones. Oh ! And by the way, she's also great at the celebrations - always keen to spot the opportunity when a goal has been achieved and find a way to mark it - ours was with Champagne.

Catherine Vaughan, Partner
Sheppard Moscow Ltd.

Lynn Harris provides thoughtful, structured, practical, caring but, when necessary, very challenging coaching. She made a big difference to the way I approached both work and personal matters at a key transitional point for me. I happily recommend her to board level executives.

Alan Bedford, Chief Executive
NHS Trust and Health Authority

Lynn Harris’ extensive background in executive coaching combined with her personal transition story establishes a strong climate of confidence for the coaching relationship. Working with Lynn’s structured approach, grounded in reality, you explore the challenges, complexities and opportunities that open up to you in your own personal transition experience. Lynn clearly understands the different stages of the transition experience and she works to guide you through the steps that build gradually over time. Lynn’s support, interest and enthusiasm for her client’s personal success make for great teamwork in this tremendously exciting personal development journey!

Fiona MacFarlane, Vice-President IS/IT
Bell Actimedia

My major career and life transitions have frequently been challenging and often in ways that I could not readily grasp in the first instance. Gaining real insights into the thought processes that were at work in helping or hindering me dealing with these was therefore extremely beneficial. Based on a truly client-centered approach, Lynn offered a high quality supportive dialogue and appropriate degree of challenge enabling me to generate these insights and to move quickly through transition. A very worthwhile investment with lasting personal and organizational benefits.

Charles Anderson, Managing Director, Financial Services - Asia
Aviva Asia Pte Ltd

During the two and a half years I have worked with Lynn I have been continually struck by her ability to cut right through to the core of a problem. She has a clarity of thinking and understanding that is rare. Lynn always confronts issues and does this with a great sense of care and with a clear desire to achieve the best way forward for all concerned. I have never heard Lynn judge others. It is very clear to anyone who knows her that she has made significant life and career transitions and is able therefore to work from a basis of personal understanding and experience as well as theory. I truly believe that anyone who works with Lynn will consider themselves fortunate to do so.

Sian Gardner, Consultant
Sheppard Moscow Ltd.

I first worked with Lynn Harris as a member of a marketing management team and liked her and what she did so much I bought her in three years later when I was leading my own marketing management team! Lynn is a very engaging person to work with, who manages to combine a clear focus on the client's development objectives with a natural and supportive, people oriented style. She will not shy away from addressing issues with individuals, (even when they are the ones paying the bills!), and does this in an assertive but supportive style, using appropriate humour to very good effect. I get a real sense of Lynn acting in my best interests, not her own, and this comes through strongly when she recommends the content and timing of a program.

I recommend her to any senior executive who wants personal coaching or team development.

Harry Partington, Senior Vice-President of Marketing
Bristol & West PLC (a UK savings and loan bank)

Lynn has the ability and the courage to ask the 'questions that matter' - the ones which have helped me to identify my most important issues and be able to address these effectively. Her personal style is inspirational because she 'leads by example' and demonstrates a commitment to her own development as well as the success of others. She is able to help others identify and focus on their strengths as a way of making personal progress as well as, where necessary, spotting key issues or behaviors which are hindering them and overcoming these. I value Lynn's ability to be challenging, supportive and insightful together with her pragmatic approach to helping others achieve real personal development.

Sharon Haywood, Senior Portfolio Manager
Lloyds Bank

Often times it is difficult to look at ourselves objectively and figure out the right course of action to take. This is no small task when managing career and life transitions. Lynn has the amazing capacity to help navigate that path. Not only are they able to guide you in pinpointing what you really want and to map out the process to maximize your chances of success but they do if with such empathy you get the feeling they have been there themselves and they really care.

Joan Jenkinson, Director, Programming Operations
VisionTV & One: the Body, Mind & Spirit channel